Aim - To Cover Unskilled Workers

As on date there are a lot of people trying their source of earning livelyhood working as carpenters, masons, coolies, painters, plumbers, drivers, cooks, guides and so on. Some are trained in it, vocational trained, aquired skills by experience most of them are untrained. These categories are mostly unorganised and don’t have future providence or insurance cover to get medical benefits, insurance on disability, accident cover, or life cover. We want to help such people by registering their profiles and placing them suitably so that they secure for them a respectful placement offering them the comforts of PF, ESI, Insurance and Job security. We shall offer them minimum training to have a good basic verbal comunication.

Mode Of Registration

We Shall call for the id proof address proof of the potential job seekers. We shall get an application wherein their whereabouts will be recorded. A declaration stating their habits and commitment to lead a disciplined life will be obtained. We will ensure to provide them with id cards.


We shall have our own list of prospective employers who shall enter into agreement with us to take people on their rolls/allow them to be as our employees on deputation to them. We shall undertake to pay for them the salaries/wages ensuring payments for PF, ESI, Insurance, Corporate Taxes etc.


We impart the training in behaviour and colloqial comunication in English, Tamil and Hindi the aim of the training will be to behave as a responsible person at place of work, with the customer. The training could prepare the prospetive worker to present himself verbally with facts about him and his family. A prospective driver will get inputs such as places of interest, hotels, restaurants(such as where do you like to go, do you like to visit a restaurant and the like...)

Relationship Building

As we depute employees we must ensure that the feedback from employers are good and encouraging. These employees will always behave politely with employers,customers and our training needs for ensuring strict adherence to discipline. We must ensure this reminding them that they along with their family will stand to get security.